Servicing and renovation

Durable safety

A high-quality fire-extinguishing system lasts the entire lifetime of the building. However, the parts that are subject to wear need regular servicing and maintenance. Additionally, the Act on Rescue Services, the Rescue Equipment Act and the decrees on automatic fire-extinguishing equipment require that fire-extinguishing systems of all types be inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

Our services

  • periodic servicing
  • fault repairs and servicing
  • user training for the property personnel / property maintenance service
  • maintenance programmes
  • fire extinguishing system modifications and renovations
  • sprinkler installation condition surveys
  • sprinkler design

Maintenance agreement

Firecon has a nationwide maintenance and servicing network. We are able to service practically any equipment currently on the market. The servicing is primarily carried out on a contract basis, where Firecon undertakes to service customers’ extinguishing equipment on an annual basis. From the customer’s point of view, this is the most convenient way to ensure correct and timely servicing of the equipment.

Servicing can also be carried out in response to an individual order.

Firecon has at its disposal a browser-based programme called EasyExtra, from which the customer may view the servicing and maintenance history of the site concerned.

The maintenance service has a 24/7 on-call number, +358 400 777 873, which contract customers may call at any time if the need arises.

Firecon also has a comprehensive renovation service that carries out the modification requested by the customers with high professional skill and flexibility in response to the current on-site needs.


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