Our installation network for fire-extinguishing systems covers the whole country. The installation will be carried out by our own trained and competent installers or by a subcontractor who is familiar with Firecon’s working methods and requirements. This allows us to guarantee a reliable outcome.

The installation will be overseen by the company’s supervisors listed by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and project managers trained by our company. The supervisors will see to it that the products used in the installation are of the highest quality and that the installation is carried out with due care and diligence in compliance with the regulations. The completed installation will be subjected to an inspection by a TUKES-accredited inspection body, and the customer will be provided with handover documents. Upon completion, user training will be given to the personnel operating the equipment.

All work stages are duly documented. The professional competence of the installers is maintained by means of training as deemed necessary. Firecon has at its disposal installation resources for executing projects of major scope as well, such as the Äänekoski Biomill, the stations of the westbound metro line extension, or sprinkler installations at the Tampere University Hospital.

Occupational safety is important for Firecon. Our installers have completed all the necessary training, including first aid training, and hold all the permits, licences, and safety gear required for maintaining occupational safety.