Nursing homes and residential buildings

If the resident is unable to vacate the apartment by him- or herself, those who come to their rescue will only have 3 to 4 minutes to save the resident. The fire brigade will arrive on the scene of fire within six minutes of the emergency fire alarm at the earliest. An automatic fire-extinguishing system is necessary in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and apartments. The fact is that no fire deaths have occurred in sprinkler-protected properties anywhere in Europe.

The objective in the living of the elderly and other special groups is that they can live independently in a home-like environment as long as possible. A fire-extinguishing system makes it possible to considerably improve the living safety of special groups in an inconspicuous and affordable way. In the event of a fire, the salary expenses of the staff needed for evacuation operations will rapidly rise higher than the purchase price of a fire-extinguishing system.

Sprinklers are also installed in ordinary residential buildings to an increasing extent, because an automatic fire protection system will considerably improve living safety, as fire-related fatalities can then be entirely avoided. For example, in wooden blocks of flats, an automatic fire-extinguishing system is a precondition for the issuance of a building permit.