Commercial buildings

Firecon is an experienced sprinkler installation contractor for commercial buildings. We have installed a number of systems in large new construction projects, such as shopping centres, hypermarkets, etc. Our deliveries also include a number of shopping centre and office building renovations. Designing makes use of 3D modelling, which in turn is utilised on-site.

Firecon has a sprinkler pipe pre-fabrication line in Lahti. Pre-fabricated pipelines make the on-site installation faster, and the quality of work is improved when part of the work takes place in controlled factory conditions. Sprinkler valve rooms are also delivered pre-fabricated.


Commercial building installations usually take in place in confined city centre plots. This puts special emphasis on the timely delivery of prefabricated elements and other materials.

Individual high-class commercial premises are also constructed and renovated while taking into account the customer’s unique requirements for building appearance.