Water mist systems

Low-pressure Softex water-based extinguishing system

The Finnish Softex water-based extinguishing system is a low-pressure, low-water consumption extinguishing system for the fire protection of properties. The system is developed and manufactured by Firecon Group Oy. The Softex system provides protection against fire. Water mist suppresses the fire, lowers the temperatures and provides time for evacuating the building. Internationally accepted Softex water mist extinguishing systems are widely used in renovated and new properties.

The system is installed as general protection in nursing facilities, hospitals, health centres and residential properties. The installations and servicing operations are carried out by installers trained by Firecon under the supervision of supervisors listed by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

EconAqua water mist systems

The EconAqua water mist system is unlike any other water mist system on the market: EconAqua is an advanced low-pressure water mist system that can also be used as a dry system for cold facilities. While the operating pressures of standard high-pressure systems are usually in the range of 80–120 bar, EconAqua’s is in the range of 5–16 bar. EconAqua’s excellent extinguishing performance has been proven with fire and extinguishing tests performed under real conditions. It has been tested and approved by the German VdS for applications of hazard classes LH, OH1 and, with certain restrictions, OH2.

The EconAqua solution is used for protecting buildings such as the Meilahti Patient Tower of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

We recommend Softex and EconAqua water mist systems for:

  • premises with insufficient municipal water supply
  • materials sensitive to water
  • applications requiring a small system footprint
  • customers who appreciate advanced fire-safety solutions

Fogtec high-pressure water mist extinguishing system

Fogtec is a German high-pressure system with an extensive range of approvals.

The equipment is based on the high-pressure technology developed by Fogtec.

High-pressure water mist systems are particularly well-suited for properties where the water consumption should be kept as low as possible. It can be used for protecting people and properties alike. A high-pressure water mist system only uses small amounts of water for fire extinguishing, which are transformed to fine water mist at 80–200 bars of pressure.

The effectiveness of the system is based on the cooling and suppressing effect of extremely small, widely spread water droplets.