Sprinkler system

A sprinkler system is an automatic fire-extinguishing system comprising a water source and one or several sprinkler installations that uses water as the extinguishing agent. The function of an automatic sprinkler system is to detect and extinguish any fires right at the onset so that the damage can be minimised and the fire can still be brought under control.

In order for a sprinkler installation to be effective and function properly, it should be installed in the entire building, not only in a part of the building. In terms of personal safety, however, the most important thing is that sprinkler protection has at least been installed in facilities that enable the safe evacuation of people.

A conventional sprinkler system has been, and continues to be, Firecon’s main product, in the installation of which we have perhaps more experience than any other company in Finland. We use nozzles and components of well-recognised manufacturers.

The pre-fabrication of extinguishing pipelines and sprinkler valve room equipment in Lahti speeds up the installation process on-site. This enables more cost-effective operations, which also benefits the customer.

We have a wealth of experience in complex installations, such as ESFR nozzle solutions or complex pumping station and water source solutions. We are able to also deliver sprinkler installations in high-rise buildings where the altitude poses special requirements for activation pressure and components.