Firecon as a Company

  • Area of operation

    Entirety of Finland

  • Offices

    Lahti, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Lappeenranta and Kuopio

  • Head office


  • Consolidated net sales

    EUR 14,65 million (in 2020)

  • Personnel

    About 110 people

  • Quality management system

    Our quality management system has been built in accordance with ISO9001:2015

  • Credit rating


Company history

The Lahti-based Firecon Group Oy is Finland’s largest fire-extinguishing system contractor. Its service package includes consultation, extinguishing system design, installation and handover, and servicing and maintenance operations. The company’s roots date back to the early 1980s, when a family-owned company named Paloinsinööritoimisto Spezplan Ky started extinguishing system design operations in 1981. Sprinkler installation operations were started in 2001 under the name FPM-Trading Oy. In 2002, the design and installation operations were merged under the name Firecon Oy.

In 2010, a group of investors convened by an Åland-based investment and management consulting firm named Evolver Investment Group Oy bought Firecon’s entire business. On that occasion, the name of the company was changed to Firecon Group Oy. Shortly thereafter, Firecon Group strengthened its market position by way of a merger when the company acquired the business of a Turku-based company named Softex Oy in 2011 and, in December 2012, a group of companies from Oulu that comprised the extinguishing system contractor Novemera Oy, a pipe contractor for industrial facilities named Putki- ja Säiliöasennus Oy, and the building technology contractor LVI-Xpert Oy, the first two of which were merged with Firecon Group while LVI-Xpert Oy still continues its operations as a Firecon subsidiary. The company also has a subsidiary in Estonia, Firecon Eesti Oü.

Our clientele consists of construction firms of varying sizes, project management contractors, building technology contractors, and real estate owners and developers both in the public and private sectors.

We install:

  • 100,000 sprinkler nozzles / year
  • Hundreds of kilometres of pipes / year


  • The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency TUKES
  • The Construction Quality Association RALA